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Steel Marking System

A comprehensive range of Stainless Steel Marking System is available for effortless and permanent identification of cable assemblies or ducting systems, even in harsh environments.

This system can be applied with Roller Ball or Ladder Type Steel Ties.

Upon request, we can also supply Roller Ball Type Steel Ties with customized marking.

  • Sleeves with pre-embossed characters (letters, digits and symbols)
  • Pre-embossed characters are raised above the surface of the sleeve, which makes them easy to read even when covered with dust, paint or dirt.
  • Dedicated strips can carry 6,10 or 16 sleeves
  • Sleeves and strips are made of corrosion resistant 316 grade stainless steel (marine grade), for high mechanical and chemical durability.
  • The sleeves can be mounted onto the carrier strips (which will be secured by Yesha stainless steel ties) or directly onto Yesha stainless steel ties having a width up to 7.9 mm.
Description Yesha Part No. "Dimensions (LxW) mm"
Embossable Tag T - 6334 63 x 34
Embossable Tag T - 5119 51 x 19
Embossable Tag T - 8919 89 x 19
Carrier 6 ID - 6 92.5 x 8
Carrier 10 ID - 10 130.6 x 8
Carrier 16 ID - 16 187.7 x 8
Alphabets A…...Z 9 x 2.5
Numbers 0…..9 9 x 2.5
Symbols ,+, /, Blank, Earth 9 x 2.5

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