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  • Yesha is a registered brand. Kindly beware of fraudulant. With our experience of 30 years we support you with our patented coated or uncoated stainless still cable tie systems. We are ISO 9001 - 2015 certified and have received all important type approvals for our full cable ties product range.

  • Capacitors
  • Yesha Medium Frequency Water Cooled Capacitors are designed for use in induction heating apparatus like Melting Furnace. Billet Heating, Forging, Induction Heating application etc.

  • Induction Furnace Capacitors
  • YESHA'S Water Cooled Capacitors are specially designed for the tropical conditions of India. We are in this line from over 40 years and have supplied our High Voltage Medium Frequency and High Frequency Capacitors to all major Original Equipment Manufacturers in India.

  • Pulse Power Energy Storage Capacitors
  • Energy Storage Capacitors are highly effective for storing electrical energy which can be subsequently released for short durations at extremely high rates to produce high peak current and power under discharge conditions.

  • Low Voltage Power Factor Improvement Capacitor
  • In 1963, with the technical assistance of Shizuki Electric Works. Co., one of the foremast Capacitor manufacturers in Jan, the first YESHA' Capacitor manufactured in backed by the export supervision of engineers trained abroad.

  • High Voltage Power Factor Improvement Capacitor
  • YESHA has been manufacturing High Voltage Paper Dielectric Power Factor Improvement Capacitors for several years. As a result of the Company's policy of Research and Development, and to market the latest technology. Mixed Dielectric and All Polypropylene Capacitors for High Voltage applications were introduced in the early eighties.

  • High Voltage Divider Capacitor
  • Yesha high voltage divider capacitors are designed for use in measurement of voltage in high voltage laboratories and test houses. Yesha high voltage divider capacitors are partial discharge free specially design of, measurement of voltage in high voltage laboratories and test houses.

  • Surge Capacitors
  • In practice, due to limitations in size, space and cost, rotating machines are not insulated to the same impulse levels as oil Insulated apparatus of same voltage class.

  • DC Capacitor
  • YESHA manufactures DC Capacitors in a wide range that solves the problems of various DC applications, such as filtering, bypass, coupling, etc.

  • Cable Ties
  • Yesha has developed a fully coated roller ball tie (Patented) recommended for extreme cold conditions and offshore applications. This can be installed by hand or tool.

  • Roller Ball Meta
  • This tie is of a roller-ball design. It is self-locking, fast and easy to install. It can be tightened by hand or with a special tool.

  • Ladder Ties
  • This Ladder tie is self-locking for easy application, even by hand. The locking system gives a strong hold.

  • Releasable Metal Ties
  • These ties can be supplied with or without coating in a wide combination of lengths and widths, as well as colors for the coated type.

  • Steel Banding System
  • Steel Banding System is ideally suited for fixing sings, air-conditioning systems, large duct and pipes. Coated banding is available for application in harsh environments.

  • Steel MarkingSystem
  • A comprehensive range of Stainless Steel Marking System is available for effortless and permanent identification of cable assemblies or ducting systems, even in harsh environments.

  • Cable Ties Tools
  • Tensioning and cutting tool, ratchet type, Economic tensioning tool, Tensioning and cutting tool, ratchet type, Tensioning tool, BT14000 QuikTie, Yesha BT9000

  • Company Profile
  • Yesha Electricals Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1962 in technical collaboration with Shizuki Electrical Works Co. Ltd, Japan to manufacture a wide range of power capacitors.

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