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In 1963, with the technical assistance of Shizuki Electric Works. Co., one of the foremast Capacitor manufacturers in Jan, the first YESHA' Capacitor manufactured in backed by the export supervision of engineers trained abroad.

The use of Power Factor Improvement Capacitors helps in reduction of electrical energy costs and in improving the utility of electrical installations.

Most AC electrical machines draw from the supply source an apparent power in terms of KVA (Kilovolt-amperes) which exceeds the useful power KW (Kilowatts) required by each machine. The ratio of these two measures, i.e.,
Useful Power KW / Apparent Power KVA

is known as the power factor of the load and is dependent upon the type of machine in use. A large proportion of electrical machinery used in industries has an inherently law Power Factor, which means that the supply source has to generate current in excess to the actual requirement and the transformers and cables have to carry this the extra useless current. To overcome this the supply authorities, impose penalty for low power factor and at many places they offer concession for higher power factor Installing a suitable capacitor will enable the user to take advantage of the concession and to avoid penalty. Thus, the of capacitors is covered normally in 12 to 15 months. Thereafter it is clear profit. The main advantages of installing power factor capacitors are:

  • Reduced power cost, due to reduced KVA demand or exemption from any penalty for low power factor and concession for high power factor.
  • Release of power system capacity. Additional load can be installed without investment in additional capital equipment.
  • Reduced overloading and therefore less heating of cables and other expensive control panels.
  • Reduced losses in Feeders.
  • Reduction in voltage interference due to welding equipment, etc.
  • Reduction in size of electrical equipment for new installation and, therefore, less capital expenditure.


YESHA Capacitors, from the smallest to the largest are robust in construction, of pleasing appearance and manufactured throughout to the same high standard of engineering.


Raw material selection is very critical in the case of capacitors. All the raw materials in our capacitors are subjected to rigid quality tests before and during manufacture and the material is not released for manufacture until it has been proved suitable.


The capacitor elements are wound on precision machines, under controlled and dust free specially constructed winding rooms. which ensure accurate and uniform winding.


Dry assembly is done under strict supervision to ensure rope construction of capacitors. Ceramic insulators are fitted on the containers using silicon rubber seal to ensure 100% leak proofness. Containers are pressure tested.


After assembly the capacitors are dried and impregnated under high vacuum and controlled temperature, in special tanks, to ensure proper drying and impregnation.


Capacitor containers are first sprayed with one coat of zinc chromate primer and them two coats of superior quality paint. 


All capacitors comply with tests specified in 1S:13585. Rigid inspection and testing throughout all stages of manufacture ensures that the product reaching the customer is of the highest quality.


All "YESHA" Power Factor Improvement 415-440 Volts Capacitors are guaranteed for 30 months from the date of supply against any manufacturing defects.

Capacitance: 1 to 25 KVAr & above 25 KVAr are provided in bank formation
Voltage: 415/ 440 AC Phase Single or Three
Phase: Single or Three
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

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