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D C Capacitor

YESHA manufactures DC Capacitors in a wide range that solves the problems of various DC applications, such as filtering, bypass, coupling, etc. YESHA has been manufacturing these capacitors since mid-sixties and an innumerable number of them are in operation. many of the leading companies have standardized on YESHA make DC Capacitors, these being fitted in their prestigious and vital equipments. Besides the standard YESHA designs Capacitors to suit any specific requirement.


The dielectric of YESHA DC Capacitors consists of all Polypropylene film or Mixed Dielectric (PP + Paper) or all Paper depending on rating, application, etc. However, in Indian conditions, it is noticed that DC capacitors with all paper dielectric is still, more economical than all polypropylene dielectric. 


Small Capacitors of light duty are housed in soldered containers where as heavy duty and large units are housed in thick gauge MS containers which are hermetically sealed. For special applications, a tubular type insulated body is also used.


Filter Capacitors should not be discharged across terminals directly after charging. Permanent sorting link is recommended when capacitor is not in use.


  • All Capacitors are tested as per IS 590 or as per customer'. requirements. The following test are normally carried out
  • Capacitance Test - ±10% for Capacitors rated above 1 MFD and ±20% for those rated below 1 MFD (Closer tolerance can be supplied on request)
  • Insulation resistance test between terminals - More than 5000 Ohm-Farads at 20 C.
  • Insulation resistance test between terminal and case - More than 1000 Meg ohms between terminals connected and the case.
  • High Voltage Test - Normally 2 times the rated Voltage for capacitors of rated voltage above 5000 VDC and 2.5 times for those having rated voltage below 2000 VDC. For higher voltage class the test voltage is as per requirement. Besides above, tests at every stage of production are carried out to ensure the highest quality.

Capacitance: 0.1 micro farad to 1640 micro farad
Voltage: 150 VDC to 150 KVDC

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