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Energy Storage Capacitors are highly effective for storing electrical energy which can be subsequently released for short durations at extremely high rates to produce high peak current and power under discharge conditions. They are very effective for applications like:

Plasma physic

Subatomic particle research

Controlled nuclear fusion

Lasers Impulse generators

High energy x-rays

Metal forming & many more

YEPL has 40 years of experience and expertise in this field with technical support and know-how in the past from Maxwell Laboratories Inc. USA. We have a fully developed range of Energy Storage Capacitors designed to your specifications.



Energy Storage Capacitors can be used individually or in banks. The storage Capacitors can be used individually or in banks.
The stored energy in joules is given by
JOULES = ½ x C x V²
where C = Capacitance in Farads.
V = Charging voltage in volts


To achieve an optimum balance performance and cost for any application, it is necessary to design the capacitor to suit the waveform and duty cycle to which it will be subjected in service and the life it is expected to give. The life expectancy of an Energy Storage Capacitor is a function of the electrical stress, the voltage reversal and the repetition rate of discharges. A Capacitor designed with low electrical stress will have a long life, however, it will be large in size and high in cost. Capacitors, can be designed for limited life with higher electrical stress to make them more economical.

To obtain maximum peak current, the Self Inductance Value of the capacitor should be low. Specific designs are available from our range to meet this requirement. Today, we manufacture several ratings of standard capacitors, classified broadly into three categories:

1. Welded mild steel with one or two bushings.
2. Double ended plastic case.
3. Single ended plastic case. Our standard capacitor line is designed to cover a very wide range of applications. However, we have the design, manufacturing and testing capabilities to provide suitable custom-built units for special applications.

An Energy Discharge Capacitor Application Questionnaire will be provided for your requirement. It lists the information which will help us in selecting the best possible capacitor for your specific application. If a capacitor from our standard range is not suitable, we will custom design the capacitor for your. We recommended you to make use of this questionnaire to enable us to provide the optimum solution for your requirement.

Capacitance: 0.01 to 200 Microfarad
Voltage: 1 to 1000 KVDC
Peak Ampere: 0.2 to 500 kilo amps
Self-Inductance: 17 to 250 nano henry
Repetition rate: 1PPM to 1000 PPS
Voltage reversal: Max 80%
Life Expectancy: up to 10^9 Discharges

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