Medium and Mains Frequency Water Cooled Capacitors

Medium and Mains


YESHA Medium Frequency Water Cooled Capacitors are designed for use in induction heating apparatus like Melting Furnace, Billet Heating, Forging and Induction Heating Equipment.

YESHA’s Water Cooled Capacitors are specially designed for the tropical conditions. For over 50 years we have supplied our High Voltage Medium Frequency and High Frequency Capacitors to major Original Equipment Manufacturers. Through a technical collaboration with WESTINGHOUSE, U.S.A., YESHA had incorporated latest international design factors to bring its’ Capacitors at par with world’s best products.


YESHA Medium Frequency Water Cooled Capacitors low loss with high dielectric strength. Depending on the rated application, they are constructed from the Polypropylene and/or Paper with Foil. The impregnate is non-PCB ( non-polluting and non-toxic )Dielectric oil. External case is generally aluminium. After winding the extended foil capacitor elements, one edge or both edges are soldered to a tinned copper tube, through which water is passed to dissipate the heat generated in the capacitor. Specially developed techniques are employed to ensure high electrical connectivity, thermal conductivity and mechanical strength between the foil and copper tube.

Capacity : 10 KVAr to 7200 KVAr.
Voltage : 150 Volts to 4000 Volts
Frequency: 50 to 50000 Hertz.