High Voltage Power Factor Improvement Capacitors

High Voltage

The introduction of High Voltage Mixed dielectric Capacitors was the outcome of many years of continuous research of M/s. General Electric Co. U.S.A. , under license from whom we started manufacturing these type of capacitors. Simultaneously continuous Research and Development at YESHA made it possible to introduce an All Polypropylene Capacitor For High Voltage Applications.

These are low loss Capacitors , impregnated with Non-PCB Oil, which is non-pollutant and non-toxic. The sizes are far more compact than that of conventional Paper Dielectric Capacitors, resulting in lighter weight and facilitating handling.

Capacitors Available

A wide range of Capacitor units available in voltage rating extending from 660 V to 12 KV enables YESHA to meet a broad array of applications. This flexibility is advantageous when series parallel combinations are required for high power bank arrangements.

Capacity: 25 – 200 KVAr
Voltage : 660 – 11 KV
Frequency: 50 to 60 C/S