Energy Storage Capacitors

Energy Storage Capacitors


Energy Storage Capacitors provide a convenient method of string electrical energy, which can be released, as required, for a very short duration of time under controlled conditions. Owing to their ability to release energy at extremely high rates and to produce high peak current and power under discharge conditions, these capacitors are extremely useful in applications like Plasma Physics, Subatomic Particle Research, Controlled Nuclear Fusion, Lasers, Impulse Generators, High Energy x-rays, Metal Forming etc.

Energy Stored

Energy storage capacitors can be used individually or in Banks. The stored energy in joules is given by JOULES = 1/2 x C x V2 Where C = Capacitance in Microfarads V= Charging voltage in Kilovolts


Energy Storage Capacitors2

The capacitor is designed to suit the waveform and duty cycle to which it will be subjected in service and the life it is expected to give.

The life expectancy of an Energy Storage Capacitor is a function of the electrical stress, the voltage reversal and the repetition rate of discharges.

To obtain maximum peak current, the Self-Inductance Value of the capacitor should be low. Specific designs are available from our range to meet this requirement.

We have the design, manufacturing and testing capabilities to provide suitable custom built units for special applications.


Capacity : 0.01 to 200 MFD
Voltage : 1 to 1000 KVDC
Peak Ampere : 0.2 to 500 KA
Approximate nano Henry : 17 to 250 nH
Repetition rate : 1 PPM to 1000 PPS
Voltage Reversal : Max 80%
Life : 1 shot to 109 shots.