D. C. Capacitors

D. C. Capacitors3

YESHA Manufactures DC Capacitors, since mid sixties, in wide ranges that solve the problems of various DC applications, such as thyristor protection, communication, filtering, bypass, coupling etc.

Many of the leading companies have standardized on YESHA make DC Capacitors, these being fitted in their vital equipment such as railways, medical equipment and power electronic based control system. For Medium Frequency Induction furnace, Yesha has developed water-cooled DC capacitors.

D. C

Besides the standard ranges, YESHA is uniquely placed to design Capacitors to suit to any specific application, including small order quantity.

Dielectric – The dielectric of YESHA DC Capacitors consists of all Polypropylene film or Mixed dielectric. ( PP + Paper ) or all paper depending on rating, application, and other design related parameters.

Housing – Small Capacitors of light duty are housed in soldered containers where as heavy duty and large units are housed in thick gauge MS containers, which are hermetically sealed. For special applications, tubular type insulated body is also used.

D. C. Capacitors2


Capacity : 0.001 to 1640 MFD
Voltage : 150 VDC TO 150 KVDC